Success Stories

Success Stories

I can’t believe how much better I feel. I haven’t lost all of the weight that I want to but my A1c is coming down and feel so much better! Diabetes Prevention Program Participant

January 2018

Once I got started, I realized that Diabetes did not have to control me. If I can manage it better by losing weight and walking, then I am in control. Diabetes Self-Management Program Participant

March 2018

I never thought that even just getting started on some changes, could make me feel better! Diabetes Prevention Program Participant

December 2017

When you realize that walking is a good exercise and that you don’t have to go to a gym to get good exercise, everything seemed to get easier. Diabetes Self-Management Program Participant

November 2017

My Health Coach really made a difference for me. He kept encouraging and encouraging and I got on the train! Thank you. Diabetes Prevention Program Participant

February 2018

The class and phone calls have raised my awareness of personal choices for healthier living. Diabetes Prevention Program Participant

April 2018